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Ongoing Maintenance

Life happens – even on the web. Platforms update their software, bugs and viruses get passed around, and the internet is constantly growing and changing. We’re not only familiar with all sides of your marketing plan, we’re reliable and ready to quickly fix any issue – not to mention keep your SEO on point. Need to tweak your design or content? We make it easy to update and adapt as you grow.

After setting up a website or a shop, maintaining it in a good and updated condition is key for its function and its overall appearance. The maintenance of a website is also called web development, and the main aim is to keep it running smoothly by updating it on regular basis according to new features or products that are added or changed.When the platform your website is on, or if your website breaks, you could go online and look for a person to fix it, trust them they will fix it, and do it in a timely manner.But, you could also search for a local tech guy who will come to you and fix it.A local tech guy will arrive at you and fix your website, so no need to go online or wait for something that should be done in a timely manner. Also, the experience of the locals tends to be much more than non-locals, because he is familiar with the surroundings, traffic conditions, etc.As a business owner your time matters, I can start work on your website or platform online and we could set up a meeting locally after the job is done or if more details need to be discussed and a plan to be made.I am a local web developer, having a tech-savvy local with experience in working with websites and platforms, you will not only save your time but also receive the best service for your business.Call me at (910) 448-7429 or email me at [email protected]