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Morehead City, and the entire Crystal Coast region of North Carolina, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers in a meaningful and lasting way. As a coastal city located in the eastern part of the state, Morehead City is home to many businesses that thrive on the relationships they have built with their customers. Connecting with consumers in NC requires thoughtful strategies that take into account local preferences and culture.

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Morehead City, North Carolina

Ignites and Sustains

Long-Term Growth.

Getting your business in front of your ideal customer is crucial.

Our approach can get you there - and keep you there.

The Back and Front Difference

The dream of owning a business can be a reality for many. Morehead City, North Carolina, is an ideal location for entrepreneurs to take their dreams and turn them into success stories. Those considering opening a business in the area can find help in the form of financing, resources, and mentorship from local organizations.

I specialize in SEO and web design.
At Back and Front, we dig deep - researching your market to not only choose the most relevant digital tools, but apply them at the right time, in the right place.

And because we're local - our offices and team are based in Morehead City - which means we understand your roots and the heritage of your business. So no matter where you're headed, we know where you've been, and can help you get to where you're going.

Our Web Design and SEO Services in North Carolina offer:

S earch

E ngine

O ptimization

SEO helps you outrank your competition

With our SEO strategies, your business gets noticed.
Search engines like Google and Bing will place your listing and webpage high in search results, driving more traffic and potential customers to your site.
There's no one-size-fits-all formula for SEO, so it's crucial to have a partner that understands your market and your unique business challenges.

Build Trust

Boost Traffic

Drive Leads

SEO involves tactics on the back-end - behind the scenes - to ensure your website is visible, easy to access, and trustworthy.

This can range from optimizing images, building links, and optimizing pages for speed and mobile responsiveness, to local market research.
And it most often includes search engine analytics, targeted meta descriptions, on-page optimization, and keyword research.

SEO keeps your business visible, allowing you to turn visitors into customers.

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Shay Ohayon


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No red tape.

No departmental delays.

Just personal attention ​​ at every turn.

Having worked at digital marketing agencies, I mastered the ins and outs of each tool. Still, I also fine-tuned the big picture plan - making digital marketing more efficient and cost-effective. What can you expect with Back and Front Marketing? Reliability. Expertise. And unmatched personal service. Without the mediators or layers​​ of departmental roles, you'll be able to communicate directly and have detailed input. You'll get a working relationship rooted in honesty, respect, and transparency.
I'll research your market and do the heavy lifting to understand your audience, becoming an informed extension of your team. We'll work together to give your brand the visibility it deserves - and the growth you need.

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Back and Front Marketing is proud to call Morehead City our home, a friendly and welcoming community surrounded by the alluring beauty of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. We understand the benefit local businesses bring to our community and those across the globe. Whether you’re here in Morehead City, coastal North Carolina, or anywhere around the world, our approach to digital marketing can help grow and build your business – and create a lasting positive impact.

Hi. I’m Shay.

Driven by my constant curiosity for more efficient ways to solve problems, 

I dove into learning all angles of digital marketing through a hands-on approach. Having worked for years at marketing agencies, I not only perfected my marketing skills – coding, branding, SEO, local market research, & social media platforms – but saw that there’s a better way to create lasting online visibility. 

I take my job seriously and value a solid working relationship, but you’ll also find I’m a laid-back guy who enjoys a good joke as much as I do tinkering with tech. Problem Solver. Tech Lover. Family is my anchor, so when I’m not expanding businesses through tech, I’m dedicated to having fun and creating memories with my wife, two young children, and extended family. You’ll find us out at community events, enjoying local food, going to the movies, and exploring all the beautiful nature of Morehead City.I look forward to meeting you and helping you get your desired business results. – Shay Ohayon CEO & Founder

Who Am I

I'm Shay Ohayon, a schema markup consultant, and my background in the search engine optimization world led me to the world of structured data. I realized that there is a better way to create online visibility, so I decided to pursue schema markup as an approach to help business websites. I can help you to implement, understand, and fix any structured data for your business.


Schemaster: Schemaster is a web-based software tool that allows anyone to check their competitors on Google by keyword search and see which structured data the ranking websites are using, copy it, clean it, and use it in the form of a JSON-LD code.

Schemati: Schemati is a one-stop shop for structured data implementation and offers various functions, so you don’t have to download multiple schema plugins for WordPress. Plus, it integrates and enhances other platforms like WooCommerce.

Schema Markup net: Schemamarkup.net is a web-based schema markup testing tool offering testing tools for URLs and JSON-LD code format schemas and a URL comparison tool to see and compare which schemas each page contains as a way to analyze competitors and pages.

Schema Markup Co il : Schema markup.co.il is a web-based schema markup testing tool and information for the Israeli SEO community, offering testing tools for URLs and JSON-LD code format schemas and a URL comparison tool to see and compare which schemas each page contains as a way to analyze competitors and pages.

Schemshare (retired)- Schema markup sharing hub for the SEO community, a way to upload, edit and save schemas, share schema codes with the community or create a private folder to save or share with clients and developers

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